Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Valencia, city of all atomic Solution

H and heard that this city was made by the gods. It says it was one of those summer evenings when others sleep in the nap. That brought by boredom desktop insomnia, and to silence the dull drone of the cicadas, they invented the light blue sky and golden sand, the white foam that crowns the waves, and smelling sailor networks and flying buttresses. I heard that the powder came up, the fire that burns muñecotes and the awakening spring in the gardens, also the morning breeze and the lightness of the bridges that cross a river that was once real and today is imaginary. They say it was they who created their corners, squares and streets, and even the fresh sound of the fountains and the smile of their inhabitants. It is said that all that was done by the gods, architects of the divine and human, and thus wanted to make an exact replica of Olympus. But I do not think so. I think this city was built with the work of men and women from the old Valentia have come together to this day the beautiful nature that fate has given us with our daily work - and also to enjoy why not? - to make this our land, one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean.


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